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Product name: CAMEL LAILA

Dimensions: 177 x 40 cm,
material: fiberglass,
attention bulky goods! This article is delivered on a pallet free to the curb.

Camel Laila: Camels are a symbol of perseverance, serenity and calm. Hardly any other animal is so resilient and persistent under extremely harsh living conditions. Laila is a special homage to these special living beings. Like all animals designed by Tom, she wears a fantastic costume full of exotic, playful ornaments that shines in the colors of the rainbow. With her decorative feather headdress made from real ostrich feathers, she is adorned like a carnival parade. What a wonderful world!

About Toms Drag company

Tom´s Company was established in 1988 by Thomas “Tom” Hoffmann und Arno Müller in Sulzbach-Saar, Germany. Since Tom´s sudden and unexpected death in February 2012, the company business and common lifework are managed by Arno Müller and his team. The company creates and distributes Tom’s Drags® – a designer collection of unique objects and accessories. Today, there are around 80 employees worldwide working for Tom´s Company as well as a tight net of distribution partners in Europe and overseas. Three quarters of the sales come from the export market.

The company’s inspiration 

A story of success started some years ago. It actually began with a disaster, when the world was frozen in a state of a collective shock after 9-11 2001. The German artist Tom Hoffmann (1956 – 2012) wanted to create something completely different that would give a feeling of optimism and joie de vivre. His first hand-painted “drags” were made as a gift for his friends and family. They were so well received that the “Drag”-fan community is now spread all over the world.

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