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The Fisherman


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Guillermo Forchino The Fisherman

Product name: The Fisherman

Size: 35 x 18 x 25 cm

Product Explanation:

The coolness of the shade beneath the willow was an invitation to relax.  It was nap time.  The scent of lavender and wild flower permeated the air.  In the distance, one could hear the cicadas singing.  The calm water reflected the flight of two swallows in a splendid blue sky.

The end of the afternoon was approaching and Daniel was still sitting calmly, watching the little cork bobbing to the peaceful rhythm of the ripples on the water.  It had been a while since he had had a nibble, but to be honest, at this spot, it was unusual for something to nibble.

But no matter.  Daniel has been coming to this idyllic spot every summer for the last 10 years and, for nothing in the world, would he give up the extraordinary pleasure that provides the best of sports…fishing.

Guillermo Forchino Story

The artist Guillermo Forchino (1952) was born in Rosario Argentina and lives in Paris France with his wife Monica. His artworks find acclaim worldwide through a collaboration with VMM in the Netherlands with whom Mr. Forchino signed an exclusive agreement to have replicas of his collection and thus created in the same great detail as the original works, in numbered & limited editions, under his personal supervision. Thats why  the collection named “The Comic Art of Guillermo Forchino”. With the development of the replicas of Guillermo’s art, his designs have become available to art lovers in many countries. On this page Guillermo Forchino you will find pictures of all his creations, which can now be found in various shops in many countries worldwide.

Guillermo Forchino new pieces 

Mr. Forchino unveil his new designs twice every year, always surprising the many fans that collect the Forchino artworks. Therefore we invite you to take a look! The artwork of Guillermo Forchino is reproduced in various sizes. However some in the same size as the original, some at 75%, and others at 50%. And most importantly If you cannot find a specific design in your area or in our website, we invite you to contact us. Maybe we can help.


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