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The history of Cow Parade

Who knew that cows one days is going to be representing in the world’s public largest event? Cow Parade is an international public art exhibition that has taken place in various locations throughout the world including Sydney, Auckland, Tokyo, Moscow, Istanbul, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Paris, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, and Mexico City, as well as over a dozen locations in the U.S. In each location,. Cow sculptures made of fiberglass are decorated by local artists and placed throughout the city center, including train stations, major avenues, and parks. They frequently showcase artwork and designs that are unique to the region, as well as city life and other related matters.

The three most famous cow shapes were developed by Pascal Knapp (Standing cow, grazing cow, and a cow lying at rest), a Swiss-born sculptor who was commissioned to make the cows exclusively for the CowParade series of events. The standing, laying, and grazing cow designs used in the CowParade events are owned by Pascal Knapp.

Are the peices of Cow Parade limited and what are the prices ?

Some pieces of cow parades are exclusive, and only limited number of pieces are available. However, other types and shapes are bieng reproduced, thus the price depends on the cow if it is exclusive or not. another important factor to take into consideration is the size of the piece as this affect the price. as mentioed in the international cow parade article the accurate measures of the cow parade are as the folllowing :

  • XLApprox. 28cm high and 35cm long. Weight approx. 2 kilos- Handpainted
  • LargeApprox. 20cm high and 30cm long. Weight approx. 1,5 kilos- Handpainted
  • MediumResinApprox. 11cm high and 16cm long. Weight approx. 0,5 kilo- Handpainted
  • Medium CeramicApprox. 11cm high and 16cm long. Weight approx. 0,4 kilo- Decal
  • Small CowsApprox. 4 cm high and 7cm long. Weight approx. 0,2 kilo- Handpainted

What do you think of this type of fine art? have you ever bought a Cow parade before ?

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