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Return of Delightful Durian 20 cm

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ElephantParade is the second largest public art event in the world. Since 2007 there have been events worldwide in 30 cities. More than 3,000 artists have produced more than 2000 unique works of art.

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Elephant parade Return of Delightful Durian 20 cm

Elephant name: Return of Delightful Durian 20 cm
Artist: Nat Posilla
Parade: Singapore 2011

Inspiration: “Everyone knows Singaporeans love Durian! And since we wanted to create an elephant that would touch and surprise the visitors of Elephant Parade in Singapore, a huge elephant durian is the perfect piece. We hope the Delightful Durian Elephant makes everyone who sees him feel our happiness in helping Asian Elephants.”

All Elephant Parade replicas are carefully handcrafted in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Due to its handcrafted nature each piece is unique and might vary slightly in design.

Elephant parade events

Elephant Parade is a social enterprise and runs the world’s largest art exhibition of decorated elephant statues. Created by artists and celebrities,

each Elephant Parade statue is a unique art piece. The life-size, baby elephant statues are exhibited in international cities and raise awareness for

the need of elephant conservation. Limited edition, handcrafted replicas and a select range of products are created from the exhibition elephants.

20% of Elephant Parade net profits are donated to elephant welfare and conservation projects.


The event was created in 2006 by Marc Spits and his son Mike. It was inspired by Marc Spits’ visit (while logging in Myanmar) to the elephant hospital in Thailand, which constructs prosthetic legs for elephants that encounter landmines. There he saw Mosha, a baby elephant who lost her foot when only seven months old.

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