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The World’s Largest Public Art Event

CowParade is the largest and most successful public art event in the world. CowParade events have been staged in  80+ worldwide since 1999 including Chicago (1999), New York City (2000), London (2002), Tokyo (2003), and Brussels (2003). Dublin (2003), Prague (2004), and Stockholm (2004), Mexico City (2005), Sao Paulo (2005), Buenos Aires (2006), Boston (2006) Paris (2006), Milan (2007, Istanbul (2007), Taipei (2009), Rio (2011), North Carolina (2013), Hong Kong (2013) and more…


The World’s Second Largest Public Art Event

Elephant Parade is the second largest public art event in the world. Since 2007 there have been events worldwide in 30 cities. More than 3,000 artists have produced more than 2000 unique works of art.

The event was created in 2006 by Marc Spits and his son Mike. It was inspired by Marc Spits’ visit (while logging in Myanmar) to the elephant hospital in Thailand, which constructs prosthetic legs for elephants that encounter landmines. There he saw Mosha, a baby elephant who lost her foot when only seven months old.